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Cardboard*Con - world's biggest sci-fi/fantasy cardboard costuming convention

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Tonight We Ride Cardboard!!!
stormtrooper, cardboard
captain_drew wrote in cardboardcon
Cardboard Captain Drew of the Cardboard Troopers here to tell you that we honestly forgot about our LJ Cardboard*Con group until just now, so those of you who aren't on Facebook: we apologize for the late warning.

The bad news is that you have less than FIVE HOURS before Cardboard*Con 3 begins.

The good news is that making a cardboard costume only takes FIVE MINUTES.


Check out the new website to get the schedule and the times, and please spread the news to our fellow nerds: the world's most affordable sci-fi/fantasy convention happens again TONIGHT!!!  -- Don't miss it!!!!1


See you there!!! :D