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Hey guys, we totally forgot about our LJ folks the last little while, but are giving you a FAR LONGER lead time than last year (which only gave you 5 hours).

Just in case you didn't know, this year's Cardboard*Con will be on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 beginning at 7:00pm EST.

We'll meet at Meehan's Irish Pub on Peachtree, like last year, and go from there.

The complete details, along with Badj information and registration data are on the website.

Take a look!

Cardboard Con Accused of Exclusionary Practices

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Tonight We Ride Cardboard!!!

Cardboard Captain Drew of the Cardboard Troopers here to tell you that we honestly forgot about our LJ Cardboard*Con group until just now, so those of you who aren't on Facebook: we apologize for the late warning.

The bad news is that you have less than FIVE HOURS before Cardboard*Con 3 begins.

The good news is that making a cardboard costume only takes FIVE MINUTES.


Check out the new website to get the schedule and the times, and please spread the news to our fellow nerds: the world's most affordable sci-fi/fantasy convention happens again TONIGHT!!!  -- Don't miss it!!!!1

See you there!!! :D

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Cardboard*Con 2012 - "It's a Go!!"

You've heard about the Cardboard*Con... right?
Make no doubt about it: cardboard costuming is the retro wave of the future, and we want you to ride the wave with us!

2012 will mark our THIRD ANNUAL Cardboard*Con and we want you to join us!

Details to date: Cardboard*Con #3 will happen on Saturday, March 3, 2012!!

Our LOLCATs webmaster keeps things up to date over at so check there every once in awhile, and be SURE to follow us on LJ's despised rival, Facebook.  But don't worry, we loves our LJ too, so we'll be sure to keep some exclusive updates for you here, too.

You nerds.

Here's video from last year's Cardboard*Con!!!

Okay, back to repairing my cardboard trooper's cardboard armor....